Di training Ruby (on Rails) oleh mas Gilang kepada Gilang satunya. Selama 20 hari yang dipelajari ini…

Hari ke-1

8/9/2014 (1)

  • Introduction of Ruby On Rails.
  • Learning ruby, git, gem and installation+setup.
  • Installing Ruby On Rails+libs
  • Creating simple CRUD blog apps+devise

Task: Creating simple function and class, and extend. (Completed)

Hari ke-2

9/9/2014 (2)

  • Self Learning : Ruby On Rails Install dari awal, scaffold
  • Git Basic+setup
  • Active Record Associations

Tommorow Task

  • Task : CRUD blog -> comments

Hari ke-3

10/9/2014 (3)

  • [Task] Simple Blog Crud update comment -> dropdown. Active Record Assosiation.
  • Learning Active Record Query Interface
  • Create + setup Repo in bitbucket
  • Setup new app (Rails+mySQL)
  • [Task] Project Management Software -> Creating users with gem devise

Tommorow Task

  • [Task] Project Management Software -> Creating users with gem devise

Hari ke-4

11/9/2014 (4)

Project Management Software

  • User validation for role, username
  • Default User Role after register is member
  • Create works model

Tomorrow Task : Project Management Software

  • User can create Project
  • User who create the project can invite contributors
  • Only user who create the project can delete the project

Hari ke-5

12/9/2014 (5)

Project Management Software

  • CanCanCan authorization
  • User can delete and edit Project
  • Relation user, work, contributor

Tommorow Task : Project Management Software

  • Contributor invitation
  • Pagination

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Hari ke-6

15/9/2014 (6)

Project Management Software

  • Todo list module
  • Task list module
  • Send mail when task assigned and add asynchronous sidekiq on mail job

Tommorow Task

  • Fixing bugs send mail
  • Create polymorphic association on comment and task

Hari ke-7

16/9/2014 (7)

Project Management Software

  • Fixing send mail when user sign up and user assigned new task
  • Create attachment polymorphic association on comment and task
  • User can attach file on task
  • User can attach file on task comment
  • Ignore shared files and folders .gitignore

Hari ke-8

17/9/2014 (8)

  • Self Learning : Install RefineryCMS and learn the code
  • Self Learning : https://tryruby.org/ (Completed)
  • Reading “RAILS ANTIPATTERNS Best Practice Ruby on Rails TM Refactoring” (BAB 1. Model)

Project Management Software

  • Show all task only for admin, member only can view their only task
  • Show user list and roles of user
  • Role ability + authentication changes
  • Work on views add new project, task, todo list, etc

Hari ke-9

18/9/2014 (9)

Project Management Software

  • Project show the contributors and to do list
  • Contributors and users management
  • Changes on contributors etc
  • Appearance tweak

Hari ke-10

19/9/2014 (10)

Break and pray.

Ice Cream Cup.

Project Management Software

  • Changes route task, todo list nested into route work
  • Contributor feature changes and validation
  • Add contributor
  • Add to do list

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Hari ke-11

22/9/2014 (11)

Lunch break and pray.

Algorithm test - Logic training : ATM simulation

Training Text Editor: Sublime Text.

Project Management Software

  • Nested routes changes on task/comment/attachment
  • Todo list modul changes to match the nested routes
  • Modify show task, comment and add comment
  • Misc

Hari ke-12

23/9/2014 (12)

Breack and lunch.

  • Setup workspace → Text editor Sublime Text + emmet and learn shortcut
  • Setup ‘getting started Heroku apps’ (ruby)

Project Management Software

  • Fixing user can’t assign himself as contributor
  • Welcome email testing and changes
  • User mailer changes etc
  • Update gemfile for production : pg, rails_12factor
  • Create production site pmspms.herokuapp.com Status = On issue, can’t done ‘heroku run rake db:migrate’ perfectly (only 5 from 10 tables created)

Hari ke-13

24/9/2014 (13)

Breack and lunch.

  • pgsql setup on local

Project Management Software

  • Fixing production site pmspms.herokuapp.com issue -> db:reset and remigrating
  • Change task listing into table view on todo list view.
  • Show info due date, completed status on todo list view.
  • Add validation on due date. User can’t set due date on the past.
  • Change due date coloumn into X days left
  • Some changes on edit and add new task
  • Add new task fixing -> user can assign contributor of the project only
  • Show the contribution number of user on users view
  • Show the number of on progress/completed task on works view

Hari ke-14

25/9/2014 (14)

Break, pray and lunch.

  • Reading “Beginning Rails 4, 3rd Edition” Chapter 10: Sending and Receiving E-Mail
  • Learning again about Rails 4 directory structure, route etc
  • Creating simple apps/project using OmniAuth ‘sign in via Twitter’

Project Management Software

  • Gemfile update etc
  • Investigate the action mailer (nofify when user assigned new task)
  • Creating user, work, todo list, task seeds using faker gem
  • Show user changes

Hari ke-15

26/9/2014 (15)

Break, pray and lunch.

  • Reading “Git- Version Control for Everyone” (ch.1 - 6)
  • Reading “Algorithms in a Nutshell” (ch.1 Algorithm Matter!)
  • Learn regex and try https://regexone.com/

Project Management Software

  • Recreate pmspms.herokuapp.com due to push conflict on /tmp folder
  • Run db:seeds on heroku and add dummy content
  • Fixing on add new task error since the changes of the route (22/9/2014)
  • Work on action mailer -> welcome email and new task assigned
  • Install redis server for sidekiq and add sending emails asynchronously/delay

Tomorrow Task

  • Reset password https://pmspms.herokuapp.com/users/password/new doesn’t work
  • Work on comment attachment and task attachment

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Hari ke-16

29/9/2014 (16)

Break and lunch.

  • Setup Zoo Status : On issue, can’t found ‘rdoc/task’

Project Management Software

  • Attachable and attachment changes
  • Fixing on task attachment after the changes of the routes
  • Refactoring works model+controller (pending)

Hari ke-17

30/9/2014 (17)

Breack and lunch.

  • Reading “The RSpec Book” Chapter RSpec
  • Reading “RAILS ANTIPATTERNS Best Practice Ruby on Rails TM Refactoring” (Fat Models)

Zoo Property

  • Setup Zoo. Status : Completed
  • Learning how Zoo system work, the code, lib, misc, etc

Robot Coding Test

  • Create simple Robot application in Ruby
  • Create unit test with Rspec on Robot

Project Management Software

  • Refactoring works model+controller (pending)

Hari ke-18

1/10/2014 (18)

Break and lunch.

  • Learning git branch management, merging etc
  • Re-reading “The RSpec Book” Chapter RSpec
  • Learning ruby operators https://www.tutorialspoint.com/ruby/ruby_operators.htm

Robot Coding Test

  • Many changes on code and test cases https://github.com/gizipp/robot-coding-test/tree/master

Zoo Property

  • Add field on Zoo (Client section)
  • Update field default value misc

Hari ke-19

2/10/2014 (19)

Break and lunch.

  • Learning ruby operators https://www.tutorialspoint.com/ruby/ruby_operators.htm
  • Learning the functional of Zoo system
  • Reading Rails Guides 2.3.11 https://guides.rubyonrails.org/v2.3.11/

Zoo Property

  • Fixing rspec problem cause can’t run rake jobs:work etc
  • Add new menu on ACCOUNTS tab and new field :honor

Hari ke-20

3/10/2014 (20)

Break and lunch.

  • Reading Rails Guides 2.3.11 https://guides.rubyonrails.org/v2.3.11/
  • Learning the functional of Zoo system
  • Ruby Example Code https://sandbox.mc.edu/~bennet/ruby/code/index.html (basic + Control Structures)

Zoo Property

  • Install and config rails-dev-boost gem for faster developments
  • Add new office modification + map

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